Chichen Itza seems to talk through its monumental stone constructions,an invaluable legacy that reflects the way of life of the Mayas of the past, their great religiosity, their brilliant architecture and their amazing knowledge of mathematics, architecture an astronomy which allowed them to measure time and to design their own calendar. Pre Hispanic wonders attract travelers from all over the world, who admire the mysterious and spectacular Mayan legacy locadet here.

Chichen Itza is a great city that extends over an area of 3.86 mi2, where the great and impressive vestiges of a culture that reached advancements unthought-of, especially in mathematics, architecture and astronomy, impose themselves. For these and other characteristics, Chichen Itza is one of the most impacting archaeological zones in Mexico and the world.
Hoteles Chichen Itza Yucatan
Transporte en Chichén Itzá
Transporte a Chichen-Itza
The best way to learn about the Mayas at Chichen Itza is to be worry free and with enough time to enjoy it. we offer a many options, from economic rooms, small hotels, to a luxury and elegant ones. Select and book your choice ...Here


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Mayaland Bungalows
Mayaland Hotel and Bungalows is a beautiful and elegant hotel located at the heart of the Chichen Itza archeological zone, surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens.
Hotel Chichen Itza
Hotel Chichen Itza is a lovely hotel with an exceptional location; right in front of the world famous Chichen Itza Mayan archaeological site, amongst lush jungle vegetation, where you will relax and admire the majestic beauty of the zone.
Hotel Lodge Chichen Itza
The Lodge at Chichen Itza is a hotel featuring a unique location, right next to the world famous Chichen Itza archeological site, in the state of Yucatan. Its mystical atmosphere, along with the exotic flora and fauna that surrounds the hotel.
Hotel Hacienda Chichen Itza
Hacienda Chichén is a hotel surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, with an exquisite 16th Century architecture that preserves the placid atmosphere of the old colonial Mexican haciendas.
Hotel Villas Arqueologicas
Villas Arqueológicas Chichen Itza is adjacent to the ancestral site of Chichen Itza in the state of Yucatan, an important Mayan place that has been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Hotel Dolores Alba
Dolores Alba hotel has a country house style, surronder by gardens with a wonderful and exuberant nature, internet access, a bus stop in frons to the hotel, secured parking and free transportation to the Chichen Itza Ruins.
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