Chichen Itza

The Chichen Itza´s name come from maya´s language and means on the edge of the Itzaes well. It believed that Chichen Itza was build around 435 and 455 a.C. It is a wonderful place located inside the nature of the Yucatan peninsula.

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The cenotes are one of the wonders that you can find in Yucatan state, the mayas gave it the Dzonot name, pronounced by the Spanish as cenote. The word DZONOT means wave thing in Spanish language; the Motul dictionary defines as abyss and deep. The cenotes will be remembered forever in your mind because are magical enigmatic and unique in the world, also the cenotes are the only resource for fresh water in the jungle. learn more


Ballgame called by the Maya "pok-ta-pok" or correctly "pokolpok" and called "tlachtli" by the Aztecs. The ballgame is an ancient Mesoamerican ballgame whose practice dates back some 3,500 years in the past and has been considered as an antecedent of football.

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